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Sir Linkalot’s award-winning app improves spelling for students of all ages

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Sir Linkalot is an innovative, educational and fun app that is transforming how we learn to spell. Through developing memorable connections or ‘links’, users are able to learn words from ‘I’ all the way to ‘onomatopoeia’.  These are brought to life through hundreds of entertaining, memorable animations >


Traditional spelling resources often use ‘Rote learning’ (essentially repetition) in order to learn words. This approach is time-consuming and ineffective for a large number of children, especially those with dyslexia and additional needs. Sir Linkalot’s app provides an innovative solution to this >


Alongside the 600+ animations, the Sir Linkalot app has multiple choice tests to challenge yourself, educational crosswords, and results screen to monitor your progress. As it’s a classroom resource, no parental input is required which takes the pressure off stressful last minute revision for tests! >


“I was delighted to see many severely dyslexic students having the confidence to spell words out loud for the first time” – Head of Learning Support, Balby Carr



“This is an extremely engaging and interesting product that I highly recommend” – English teacher, Eton College


“Who would ever have thought the whole of my class could spell onomatopoeia!” – Year 6 teacher


“Throughout my 20 years of teaching, spellings has always been a priority and I believe that Sir Linkalot is a game changer” – Headteacher, Merdon Junior


“I am absolutely blown away by this spelling technique! It’s the best thing I’ve seen in years.” – SENCO, Wakefield Grammar


“Sir Linkalot has had an extraordinary impact on the children. The results are phenomenal.” – Headteacher, West Leigh Junior


“Sir Linkalot is the best thing I have seen in my 25 years of teaching”– Headteacher, Elham Primary


“This will become the basis for how our children learn to spell” – Headteacher, Gosbecks Primary


“Sir Linkalot has something to offer in terms of raising standards in our schools” – Chris McGovern – Chairman of ‘Campaign for Real Education’


“The use of mnemonics (links) in this way is an excellent idea” – Ruth Miskin CBE- Government advisor and founder of the UK phonics programme ‘Read,Write, Inc’


“Sir Linkalot is a fascinating and fun means of memorizing and visualizing words”
– Skillswise, BBC

“Congratulations on your utterly brilliant system for creating a world of wonderful happy spellers”
– Stephen Fry

“Brilliant. I can now spell diarrhoea! “
– Sir Paul McCartney


For Schools and Groups

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For Personal Use

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  • Annual subscription (save 40%)
  • Access to current and future bundles
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The app is divided into the five key elements of literacy: spelling, homophones, rules & patterns, punctuation & grammar, etymology, parts of speech and prefixes. These are categorised into ‘bundles’ with each based on a renowned literary figure. We’re always adding more bundles periodically to further expand your spelling knowledge.

Susie’s Stories

Sir Linkalot’s partner-in-crime, Lady Lexicographer (aka Susie Dent from the smash hit TV quiz show ‘Countdown’), whose favourite book is the dictionary, will reveal the origin of certain words on the app that have an interesting story to tell>

Introducing Maths!

Sir Linkalot will be expanding into other subjects, starting with Maths. Animations for all the Times Tables are on the app, which children are learning in no time and that includes those who have been diagnosed with dyscalculia>

Hundreds of Animations
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