Students of all ages love our ‘linking’ adventures

Linking transforms Spelling

Sir Linkalot workshops have kept students entranced in hundreds of schools across the UK, transforming their ability with written English. It has particularly powerful results for pupils who have the most difficulty with SPAG (spelling, punctuation, and grammar).

The techniques and word ‘links’ are now available in a mobile app for everyone to learn and benefit from at any time.


people love us …

Pushes those spelling and memory techniques to levels that other programmes daren’t tackle … A fantastic new tool for the specialist teacher’s tool box.

(UK Dyslexia Specialist)

We have improved reading in the last 18 months by over 3 years 9 months on chronological age, and spelling is just under that, across our KS3. We are now out of notice to improve and are one of the most improved schools on the South Coast. If your school uses [Sir Linkalot], then it's in for a treat.

(Deputy Principal, Oasis Academy Mayfield, Southampton)

Funny and engaging … my daughter in Year 2 can now spell ALL the red word spellings - pretty amazing since just two days ago she struggled with about ninety percent of them.

(Mother of 7-year-old)

Really helpful and was excited to go on the link at home – I find spellings difficult but I achieved great results.

(9-year-old Student)

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Spell any word with ease!

Finally vanquish bad spelling with Sir Linkalot’s ‘linking’ animated videos and quizzes.

Learn spelling in an easy, remarkably effective way by using quick memorable animations and quizzes. Bitesize boosts for school spelling tests and SATS.

Sir Linkalot is on a quest to make ”I can’t spell” a thing of the past. Helping students of any age with spelling, punctuation, and grammar based on linking (SPAGBOL). 

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