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The Future of Spelling

Learn spelling in an easy, remarkably effective way by using the Sir Linkalot app. Quick, memorable animations and quizzes. Ideal for students of any age, but perfect as bitesize boosts for school spelling tests and SATS revision.


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Cook up some SPAGBOL

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Teachers and parents are regularly left flabbergasted by the rapid progress of students using our intrepid Knight’s mighty language recipes. 

Within a few hours of being introduced to Sir Linkalot’s introductory menu of words students have found their spelling practice has been transformed. 

His favourite dish, SPAGBOL (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar Based on Linking) is particularly suitable for students between 7–13 year olds. 

Our educational app distils underused and overlooked mnemonic techniques, refined over years of school workshops and pupil transformations, into packs of whimsical ‘flashcard’ animations perfect to help spelling for kids.

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Word packs for weird wordsmiths

Spelling App Screens

Spaghetti Shakespeare is just one of our word bundles of 20x animations for the budding wordsmith. Get a free trial and access spelling, rules and punctuation, along with grammar and punctuation collections.

Explore our bundles, grouped by difficulty level, named after famous literary figures in history, including: Diarrhoea Dickens, Broccoli Bronte, Weird Wordsworth, Patient Potter, and Anxious Austen.

Spell along with

Spelling Grammar iPad screens

Speed up learning, ace your tests

Perfect for boosting school lessons, assisting home schooling, and hitting UK national curriculum SPAG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) criteria. Sir Linkalot takes the usual spelling games for kids, and gives them a fantastic twist.

Over a third of 11-year-old children don’t meet literacy test standards. We tested Sir Linkalot’s ‘SPAGBOL linking’ with over 600 students between the ages of 7–13 and found a 50%+ increase in test results, with less able students able to double their performance.

After phonics comes mnemonics

Sir Linkalot’s multi-sensory approach is truly effective over all age ranges and abilities. It covers pupils with different learning modalities, including more visual or auditory learning styles. ‘Linking’ aids the recall of any fact at a later date, which could delay the onset of dementia. Useful for adults with dyslexia, or those going back to study as a grammar and spelling refresher.
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▸ Entertaining and hilarious flashcard-style animations teach you fast.
▸ Max your ALF (average last five) quiz score.
▸ Become a better LIAR (extend your 'links in a row').
▸ Smash your spelling tests and share your scores with friends.

▸ Encourage your child with bitesize learning sessions.
▸ Join in with rhyme and rhythm to beat repetition and embed difficult facts and figures.
▸ Especially effective for children with special education needs (SEN) and specific learning difficulties (spLD), including dyslexia, ADHD and autism.

▸ Support your in-classroom learning and take-home practice.
▸ Use it to revise the spelling of 150 tricky high-frequency English words in the UK's national curriculum.
▸ Multiple choice spelling game to immediately test learning (core targeted for KS2, but suitable for KS3 and advanced KS1)

Join up …

Join Sir Linkalot on his adventures into the English language, and get occasional emails with tips, tricks and special offers.

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people love us …

Pushes those spelling and memory techniques to levels that other programmes daren’t tackle … A fantastic new tool for the specialist teacher’s tool box.

(UK Dyslexia Specialist)
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We have improved reading in the last 18 months by over 3 years 9 months on chronological age, and spelling is just under that, across our KS3. We are now out of notice to improve and are one of the most improved schools on the South Coast. If your school uses [Sir Linkalot], then it's in for a treat.

(Deputy Principal, Oasis Academy Mayfield, Southampton)

Funny and engaging … my daughter in Year 2 can now spell ALL the red word spellings - pretty amazing since just two days ago she struggled with about ninety percent of them.

(Mother of 7-year-old)
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Really helpful and was excited to go on the link at home – I find spellings difficult but I achieved great results.

(9-year-old Student)

Meet Sir Linkalot's Alter Ego

Andy Salmon has been taking students of all ages on spelling adventures, since 2009. Teaching in hundreds of schools across the UK to rave reviews, he’s introduced thousands of pupils to Sir Linkalot‘s flexible learning tool and technique to slay the dragon of misspelling, and the ogres of hard-to-remember facts.

His new quest is to bring the wonders of ‘linking’ to everyone via a new mobile app.

You can follow Andy and Sir Linkalot’s quest to conquer spelling tests over at our Facebook page.

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Spell any word with ease!

Finally vanquish bad spelling with Sir Linkalot’s ‘linking’ animated videos and quizzes.

Learn spelling in an easy, remarkably effective way by using quick memorable animations and quizzes. Bitesize boosts for school spelling tests and SATS.

Sir Linkalot is on a quest to make ”I can’t spell” a thing of the past. Helping students of any age with spelling, punctuation, and grammar based on linking (SPAGBOL). 

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